Lactogal is a Portuguese food products company focused on dairy products, milk, fruit juice and mineral water. It is placed among the twenty largest agro-food companies in Europe. Lactogal worked in partnership with STORAX Portugal to build a fully automatic storage solution, covering an area of approx' 6,800 square metres. The system has a storage capacity for more than 26,000 pallets.
  • Covered area of 6,800 square metres
  • More than 26,000 pallet capacity
  • Installed with 8 STORAX's Ranger shuttles
  • System operated via Wi-Fi and RFID which created a fully automatic structure.
The structure has tunnels with a capacity of 90 pallets in depth and 8 levels in height. The pallets are being transported to the interior of the tunnels by STORAX's Ranger shuttle. The system has a capacity of 60 pallets input per hour and 60 output per hour. The system accomodated 150 vehicles everyday, equivalent to 4,000 pallets.

Please see the video below, showing installtion and demonstration of the system.