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Museum Artifact Storage
English Heritage
English Heritage is a charity that manages the National Heritage Collection, comprising of over 400 buildings, monuments and sites spanning more than 5,000 years of history.

STORAX was trusted to help with the expansion of their North Yorkshire storage facility, where they needed to safely store historically significant artifacts, furniture and carpets.
  • Poweracks Mobile racking system storing up to 336 pallets
  • Manually powered mobile shelving giving 210 storage positions
  • Bespoke Carpet storage system to minimise handling of up to 30 carpets and rugs
  • APR racking

Automated Barrel Storage
Alcohol and spirits
Every storax solution stands out for it's innovative character and the ability to be customised to each customers need. This is particularly true with our RANGER system. Developed in-house, this semi-automated storage solution provides high density storage, speeds up productivity and eliminates in-rack damage common in drive-in racks.
One of the best examples of the adaptability of the RANGER system is demonstrated in this bespoke solution for one of worlds most famous manufacturers of spirits. "We won it by answering to a specification involving the development of a totally new solution" Francisco Vinals.

Storax pride ourselves on developing and modifying products to suit each and every customer.
  • RANGER system
  • Developed in-house
  • Fully customised
  • Innovative automated Barrel storage

Upgrade drive-in to Ranger
Nestlé Portugal
At the end of 2016, Nestlé Portugal commissioned Ramada Storax to install its first Storax Ranger shuttle system with integrated Wi-Fi and ERP. This replaced an old drive-in racking system; and reduced picking time and operational ease for the FLT driver. The system operates with two racking blocks, FIFO and FILO
  • 6 Storax Rangers with Wi-Fi and ERP
  • Rangers replacing drive-in racking
  • Two blocks of FIFO and FILO
This commission is in part of a 4 million euro plan to remodel and expand Nestlé Avanca Distribution Center which is responsible for the shipment of 80% of the products that Nestlé Portugal sells. With this investement, the company intend to increase the operations of the distribution center by adding an additional 4,100 square metres and modernising the entire complex. The distribution centre is adjoined to the Avanca factory which produces brands such as Cerelac, Nestum, Chocapic and Mokambo. The factory exports 50% of its total production to 36 countries in 3 continents.

Nestlé Portugal has 1732 employees. Its turnover in 2015 was 466.7 million euros. It has three factories in the country, located in Porto, Avanca and Lagoa.

Nestlé Portugal and Ramada Storax have been partners for decades, the distribution center is the showcase of multi-generation Ramada Storax storage solutions. 

Automated Storage for Dairy Products
Lactogal is a Portuguese food products company focused on dairy products, milk, fruit juice and mineral water. It is placed among the twenty largest agro-food companies in Europe. Lactogal worked in partnership with STORAX Portugal to build a fully automatic storage solution, covering an area of approx' 6,800 square metres. The system has a storage capacity for more than 26,000 pallets.
  • Covered area of 6,800 square metres
  • More than 26,000 pallet capacity
  • Installed with 8 STORAX's Ranger shuttles
  • System operated via Wi-Fi and RFID which created a fully automatic structure.
The structure has tunnels with a capacity of 90 pallets in depth and 8 levels in height. The pallets are being transported to the interior of the tunnels by STORAX's Ranger shuttle. The system has a capacity of 60 pallets input per hour and 60 output per hour. The system accomodated 150 vehicles everyday, equivalent to 4,000 pallets.

Please see the video below, showing installtion and demonstration of the system.

Concert Lighting
Neg Earth
NegEarth is one of the leading independent entertainment lighting and rigging hire companies in the live events industry. NegEarth invested in a Storax Powerack storage system to maximise the storage space in their new state of the art, purpose built London HQ.
  • Storage of Heavy duty flight cases and rigging.
  • Cantilever racking  for Gantry frames.
  • Bespoke bases manufactured to suit special load sizes.

Re-cycling plastic
Tuffy Brands - South Africa
Tuffy Brands were established in Cape Town in 1986 and pioneered the re-cycling of plastic waste into useful household consumables. This business model was so successful that by 2012 they had outgrown all existing facilities and decided on the need for a dedicated warehouse for both raw materials and finished product.
  • Powerack
  • 5,000 Pallets
  • South Africa
  • Consumables
A strikingly attractive architecturally designed warehouse was erected conveniently opposite their main factory at Airport Industria, and Storax mobile racking was selected for their palletised storage due to its outstanding space-saving benefits. The system has given very satisfactory service, but by 2015 further growth had rendered this warehouse insufficient for their needs, and the decision was taken to build an additional warehouse alongside, and aesthetically complementing, the existing building.

Barpro were appointed to install new mobile racking for an additional 5000 plus  pallet positions, and the contract was timeously completed in September this year.

“When it came to selecting the storage system for our new facility, we considered alternative high-density systems, but it made sense to stay with the tried and tested system already so successfully in use. Moreover we needed a supplier who we trusted, and knew were capable of supplying and installing a durable system that would work into the future. They haven’t let us down.”

- Tuffy’s Simon Duffet

We all know that ‘Tuffy Bags are Tough!’ – well so is Barpro Storax mobile racking.

Packaging Store
With a history going back almost 100 years the Birds eye brand is synonomous with quality frozen foods.
Storax recently installed a powerack system at the Birds eye site in Lowestoft, UK. The system was part new build, part retro-fit and will be used to store the sites packaging materials.
  • Part new build / part retro-fit
  • 730 Pallets
  • Individual Control
  • Wooden Buffers

Frozen Food
Ardo are one of Europes largest frozen food companies, specialising in fruit & vegetables. With sites throughout Europe Ardo have partnered with Storax on several projects using a variety of systems; including the Storax Ranger pallet shuttle & Storax leading mobile racking system 'Powerack'. This recent project in Kent, UK added 4,200 additional pallet spaces to an earlier 2009 installation.
  • 4,200 Pallet Locations
  • 1,900m2 (20,500ft2)
  • Remote Control
  • Auto Aisle Clear
  • 100% Pallet Access

Car Storage
AGS Frasers, South Africa
Present in practically every country in Africa AGS Frasers is the largest removal group on the African continent. They provide a single relocation solution from and to anywhere in the world or storage solution of household effects or goods which you don’t wish to ship.

Few years ago Frasers International Removals decided to expand their storage facilities in Midrand, Johannesburg. Part of the new store was to be dedicated to the long term storage of cars for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In the design phase it was felt that the construction of mezzanine concrete floors for this purpose would be too expensive and inflexible, so it was decided to look at alternatives. The best solution was to store the motor cars either 3 or 4 levels high on STORAX mobile bases fitted with cantilever racking.

STORAX cantilever racking system has almost unlimited flexibility in the length of the product stored and allows the storage of items which are long, awkward and heavy. Cantilever racking has no front columns to interfere with the placement or retrieval of loads. Any load or storage slot is immediately available. Handling costs are lowered saving you time and money. Steel bars, tubes, furniture, plywood, piping, metal sheets are typical of items suitable for cantilever racking storage. As the example shows even atypical loads such as cars are successfully stored thanks to this system.

AGS Frasers own the only automated and secure car storage facility in South Africa which contains a mobile cantilevered racking system. The cantilevered rack allows for the storage of the maximum number of vehicles and ensures that the cars are both secure and accessible at the touch of a button. The unique construction offers a great combination of strength and durability. The cars are loaded into the STORAX racking by driving them into the open aisle and onto a specially made skid. As it now stands the STORAX system can accommodate 84 cars each with a length of 5,2 metres and a maximum gross weight of 2200 Kg. The cars are secured on the skid and then lifted into position, by means of a counterbalance forklift. AGS Frasers have been happy with this solution and the mobiles have operated without problems for the last 7 years.
Dairy Products Application
Dairy Processing Company, Norway
In winter, night time temperatures in Trondheim, Norway, can reach -40ºC - cold enough to freeze any food! But even here, only 400km from the arctic circle, chilled food storage requires controllable, and constant temperatures. An ambitious project by a Norwegian Dairy Processing Company, aimed to provide an ultra-modern processing and storage facility in Trondheim. Their high density facility is based around STORAX world famous mobile racking. A carefully planned layout, using a combination of mobile and drive-in racking, achieved very high densities of storage for over 13,000 pallets of processed dairy product at temperature ranges from +3 ºC to -28 ºC.

Storax Racking Systems were awarded the contract to supply and install all the storage equipment only after the Norwegian company and their consultants had made a very detailed study and examination of the mobile racking systems available on the European market. Storax were able to demonstrate considerable experience in providing high quality mobile racked storage systems, which could be reliably used in high activity environment at low temperatures.

This installation is 7 levels high with a double bay load of 42 tonnes and a top storage beam of 9300mm from the floor, Storax were able to show that they already had installations working for many years, which matched this customer needs. The facility consists of three major storage areas, the first is a chill store running at +1º C to +3ºC, which holds 7000 pallets on STORAX mobile racking, stored 7 levels high. The second is a cold store running at -28 ºC, having a capacity of 6222 pallets. This store is also 7 levels high and stores dairy products. The third area consists of an additional 6 temperature controlled storage chambers with an aggregate capacity of 1519 pallets, which is equipped with drive-in and static racking. These chambers are used for order picking and storage for special dairy products. The whole complex is built to exceed EEC requirements.

The storage system starts right at the warehouse door. When pallets arrive, the computerised stock management system prints their labels and selects the optimum location. The computer then liaises by radio to the fleet of fork lift trucks, plotting the optimum route. At the same time the computer liaises directly with the STORAX central processors so that on arrival at the storage location, all the truck driver has to do is deposit the pallet. In this application the pallets are transferred from the dock area to the racks in one movement by fork truck. An example of a STORAX installation where the transfer is done in part by conveyor can be found in Case Study No. 2. The normal STORAX mode of operation is to be controlled directly from the stock management computer (WMS), three further levels of operation exist namely full STORAX operation from truck keypad, full STORAX operation from rack mounted pushbuttons and finally individual rack control for maintenance access, thus catering for every eventuality.

STORAX have considerable experience in providing remote control aisle selection facilities that are safe in operation.

STORAX is found in many industries ranging from steel works, through cold stores, automotive plants and laboratories, to bank vaults. STORAX mobile pallet racking is designed specifically for loads at any temperature from -30ºC to +70ºC, and for loads as varied as bundles of steel, car bodies and rolls of fabric.

STORAX being modular, versatile and flexible, can be tailor-made to store any product.